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    Getting dimension's value in the bar chart even if Corresponding measure is null.

    Kunal Verma

      I have a timestamp  dimension common for 4 tables.

      Now if I plot this dimension against a measure on a Bar/Line chart if for some minute of the hour the value does not exist, it eliminates from the chart.


      For example, if I am looking for different colors Shirts sold per minute of the day. My data for an hour say between 16:00 to 17:00 will look like this:

      16:01 - 4

      16:02 - 5

      16:03 - 2 and so on for every minute till 17:00.


      Now take a case of RED shirts

      16:01 - 1

      16:02 - 0

      16:03 - 1

      and so on.

      When I select RED from the color filter on the sheet the dimension on the graph does not show 16:02.


      In a nutshell, on any selection, if in a minute, I have 0 sales for any combination of selections, my chart of Sales per minute should reflect a zero for that minute so that I know intuitively in which minute my sales was ZERO.


      Also, this leads to calculating false average lines on the graph. Like in the case of Red Shirts the average for 3 minutes should be 2/3 but if 16:02 is not displayed it calculates 1/1.

      Any help on this would be much appreciated.