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    Cluster Infrastructure Question

      We are setting up a new clustered environment and curious to know if this design would work/makes sense


      Load Balancer


      1 Server - QMC Installed Only Low Ram/Cores

      2 App Servers- Web App Services Only - Low Ram/Cores

      6 QVS Servers - QVS Services Only - High Ram/Cores

      1 Server - Publisher

      1 - NAS High Storage


      Any Input Appreciated

        • Re: Cluster Infrastructure Question
          Morris Paschall

          The answer really depends on your expected use and whether you want failover. From the design, it looks like you are expecting alot of users, few tasks.  I recommend installing the QMC on all your QVS servers (for fail over) and running it from one of them. In my experience there is no need for a dedicated QMC server.


          You should test the capacity of your publisher server.  We are using high RAM/CPU physical servers and can refresh 40 or tasks concurrently.


          Check with Qlik for the NAS. They have recommendations as to the configuration. We currently use a windows cluster of the QVS as a file server for a SAN but I would like to move to a dedicated file server.