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    Richard Judkins

      Hi all


      So I have this in QlikSense Server:


      sum(Plan_Prod_Target)* (sum([Phased_Weights])/count([Phased_Weights])) as Sales_Type_Target


      I'm needing to Round Sales_Type_Target to 0 decimal places.


      This is just a very small part of a pretty big script I didn't write myself - no matter where or how I enter the ROUND function it fails to run.


      Any help greatly appreciated please!



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          Sunny Talwar

          So this isn't working?


          Round(Sum(Plan_Prod_Target)* (Sum([Phased_Weights])/Count([Phased_Weights]))) as Sales_Type_Target


          Also, I hope you have a group by statement in your load because you are aggregating things here

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              Richard Judkins

              Thanks Sunny.


              Yup, that worked - I was trying to add the ,0 at the end which was stuffing it up.


              With regards to the "group by" statement, I can barely understand what the guy who wrote it was trying to do - and he left the company on Monday.


              Joyous times ahead.