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    What data sources does Qlik Cloud Business support?  And a bonus print question.

      Good evening.


      I've been unable to figure this out on my own so I thought I'd make  it the topic of my first post.  I would like to connect to a MySQL database vis Qlik Cloud Business, if possible.  When viewing the available connectors via the "upgrade" button it simply says "See Options."  However I haven't been able to find said options. 


      If that isn't possible, is there a way to automate the upload of new data files to the Cloud?  I know I can schedule a data refresh of a published application, but that's of limited use if I have to task someone with manually uploading the files first.


      Thanks for your assistance.


      I also would like to know if users could export from a published stream to a PDF with Cloud Business, and if not, if there are recommended approaches for end users to be able to print from a Qlik Cloud Business application?  I've tested printing via the browser in a Click Cloud Plus stream and that's a bit problematic, although its the route I'm currently exploring since I haven't yet found a better approach.  Hoping the Business Cloud version might answer this prayer too.





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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Mike, sorry for the delay. Yes you make some very good points.


          At the moment Qlik Sense Cloud Basic can use files that you upload, these would be any file format that Qlik Sense supports which would be Excel files, delimited files, html, our own format (QVD, QVX), XML. Also you would have access to the free Qlik DataMarket sources.


          Qlik Sense Cloud Plus - gives you additional access to the Qlik DataMarket Essentials package.


          Qlik Sense Cloud Business - gives you access to all of the above including Salesforce with more coming later.


          At the moment I am not aware of any automated updating of files, it would be nice if we allowed access to an API that would do that - I will inquire about this for you.


          I recall any app that is published to a Stream does not have the ability to export, I believe this should also change for QSCB and I will check on that as well.



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              Hi Michael.


              Thanks for the quick response!


              I appreciate you following up on the ability to automate the uploading of files to Qlik Sense Cloud Business and look forward to hearing back from you about this.  I believe this would make the current capability to schedule data refreshes in Cloud Business much more useful to many of your customers.


              Thank you also for following up on the ability to export to PDF from a stream.  Last night I tested a browser plug-in that appears to fill this need, so for what it's worth I'd prioritize the data upload automation more highly (and a direct MySQL database connector even higher still).  Perhaps Qlik might even find that connectors could be an incremental revenue opportunity?  My client wants to avoid manually refreshing the dashboard daily and would be willing to pay for this feature, but finds the cost to upgrade to an enterprise license pretty steep given that they can meet all of their requirements with cloud save the fully automated data refresh. 


              Does Qlik make any product roadmap information available, and if not, would you please consider doing so?  Qlik might be able to benefit from the VOC feedback it would get and would have the option to choose to leverage that when prioritizing software engineering resources.  Just a thought.


              Anyway, thanks for your help. 





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              I would also be interested in a feature where we can automate the upload as well as the data refresh. Currently we run an iSeries and I can export the data to a location but I'd like to automate this all the way through so that there is no user intervention needed for our daily updates.



              Mike W

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                Fully support this request Mike, current solution is half-baked, what's the point of being able to schedule a refresh of the data inside the dashboard in the application if there is no way to schedule the refresh of the data file that supports it? I was really excited about this capability as it was described, now I'm at the same dead-end as before. Come on Qlik sort your act out! @mtarallo