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    Reg- Sending a  Alert mail for for One User for One Dashboard in QMC

      Hi Team,

      I have Multiple jobs running in the Production Console . For any job failed I need Alert mail for this I have done some settings like as below


      Now its fine. I can receive an Alert mail if any job gets failure in the Production.

      But the issue is I want to receive Alert mail if particular job has failed in the Console.. I have one job Called K1_K2 for this job  I have multiple tasks (0 up to 20 tasks ).For this  any task gets failure in the Production I want to send an Alert mail for the key User .could any one please help me how to set up the  Alert mail for the one report in the Console Please find the Example one . Here I have 0 to 20 tasks in the console . if the second or the 5th task gets failure I want to setup a Alert mail for One user