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    Pass variables to REST API connection string

      Hi Experts,

      I am using Qlik Sense desktop 3.1 on Windows 10. I am trying to use Google Maps Geocoding REST API in my Qlik Sense application. The plan is use this API to retrieve the Lat, Long coordinates for the city dimension for maps based visualisation. The Google Maps API has following format



      From the above url we can see that the address parameter is where I need to pass the city and it forms the part of the Query Paramters in the Qlik Rest Connector. My plan is to have a For loop and pass all the cities I have to address query parameter save the co-ordinates in a seperate table.


      My Observation

      1. I tried using a variable '$(b)' in the connection and then assign the variable the value before connecting Rest connection but it does not pass the right value. Instead it used passes the 'b' as text and not the value



      In the current release (Qlik Sense 3.1 Desktop)

      • Can a Query parameter be parameterised to achieve what I am looking for?
      • If not, is there a work around?


      Thanks in Advance.