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    How to log into qmc and hub after a fresh Qlik Sense Server installatioan on a Windows 7 local virtual machine?

    Thomas Westhead

      Hi, I have just installed a Qlik Sense Server on a Windows 7 virtual machine running on my laptop.

      The installation wizard works fine and no error shows up.

      The name of my machine is: WIN-UMSVTAM11OT

      My Windows VM username is: admin

      My Windows VM password is: password


      I now have shortcuts on my desktop to:

      https://win-umsvtam11ot.localdomain/hub and https://win-umsvtam11ot.localdomain/qmc


      Both shortcuts take me to a browser (I have tried IE and Chrome) and redirect me to:



      I am then prompted for username and password in a popup window.

      I have tried the following (username ; password) pairs:

      - (admin ; password)

      - (WIN-UMSVTAM11OT\admin ; password)

      - (WIN-UMSVTAM11OT/admin ; password)

      - (whatever ; whatever)

      - ( ; )


      Every time a submit the credentials, the popup closes and opens again.

      Every now and then the popup closes and doesn't open again, but I am then stuck on the the same ':4244/windows_authentication' page, which unfortunately is blank.


      In Chrome dev tools, Network tab I get:

      - /qmc - Status 301 Moved Permanently

      - /qmc - Status 302 Found

      - ?targetId=random-id-number - Status either 401 Unauthorized or 403 Forbidden.


      I was never able to connect since installation. Any tips on how to log in correctly?