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    Set Analysis - Why value does not show

    nayan lalla



      I have a simple test data , showing number of leads  per status. For a "Won" status, only, the Conversion_1 can be "Converted" or "Not Converted" , for all other status's its "Non Converted"


      In my QV Model attached, I have 2 straight chart tables.


      Table_1 :  Show only Status that are "Won' .  The expression  I have is sum({< QV_Status = {'Won'}>}Leads)


      This works perfectly!!


      Table_2:  Show "Converted" only.  The expression I have is sum({< Conversion_1 = {'Converted'}>}Leads)


      The answer I get is zero and should be 50. Please can you help with the formula for Table_2.  Where am I going wrong?


      The data file and Qlikview Model are attached.


      Kind regards