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    Publishing Reports and losing community reports.

      Currently I work on my Qlik sense apps in a test environment, we then publish the files to our live server.


      However, the issue with this is that if I go ahead and deploy an app over the top all the community reports get erased.


      What do I need to do to maintain the community reports in the same place

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          Phaneendra Kunche

          Is you community content created in Test server? and you want to move them over to Live server? -- that is not possible out of the box.


          As long as if you are replacing the app while publishing user created content will remain same. All user created contenct will be attached to the APP GUID. So if you delete the app or publish as a new app it wont have the community content.


          Also at this moment there is no out of the box way to copy the user created content from one app to other.