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    How to put Drill down in Qlik Sense.

    Anirban Mitra



      I have a requirement to link 2 reports in qlik sense.

      For example-

      I have one report like below


      Band     Count

      ---------     ----------

      B1          1

      B2          2

      B3          3


      I have one more report like below--


      Band     Employee

      ---------     --------------

      B1             B1001

      B2             B1002

      B2             B1003

      B3             B1004

      B3             B1005

      B3             B1006




      Now my requirement is to link above 2 reports. If I click on value 1 in First report then it should show me only B1 in second report, Similarly for other band also.


      Is it possible to do in Qlik Sense? If possible could you please let me know how we can achieve this.