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    HELP sumarizing expressions

      Hi community

      I am getting starting with qlik view, and having some problems, I have created a pivot table to count how many customer are buying many predifined items, so I have already calculated the count of item been purchased , and count of customer customer buying them.

      but I can get the sumarize results at top, I have try many options, but still in the hole, I need some help.

      For first column (Unds Kit) I used this expression : =((COUNT(DISTINCT CODIGO_DEL_PRODUCTO)), and get the numbers on red and yellow background.

      For column (clientes portafolio) with background purple I have identified with ( 1 ) customers buying the amount of items predefined. Calculation are: =IF(COUNT(DISTINCT CODIGO_DEL_PRODUCTO)=C,count(DISTINCT(CODIGO_DEL_CLIENTE)),' '), where C is a variable to compare amount of purchased item, and return (1) if customer has bought the total of predicted items(3 items on this scenario).


      1.- How can I get totals on top of those two columns in order to get the total of customer matching the condition based on the expresson above. based on table must be 5. ?

      2.- How can I get the total of (unds Kits) matching the combo of items that must be purchased by each customer, must be 5 also?

      I will apreciated any of you help.

      I am admired of QlikView !!!

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