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    Help with NTFS permissions on shared Qlikview documents

    Mark Cousens

      We have a team of designers who wish to share the design work on Qlikview apps.



      We are using NTFS permisssions and we gave the team write access to the QVW. However we found that only the person who created the QVW was able to save changes,



      We then changed the team's access to modify, this seemed to resolve the issue but then we found that last user who worked on the QVW took ownership of it and the NTFS permissions changed to inhertied permissions of read only access which meant the next person wouldn't be able to save the QVW.



      It seems that the only thing we can do is give all qlik users modify access across all the QVWs, which also means that the ownership would continuously change and we'd have to stop inheritance of permissions, but we'd rather not do that. Is there another (better) way we can control access to the QVWs?


      I hope this makes sense!



      Mark Cousens