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    Log of counts day by day

    Lukas Roček


      I have table with 3 important atributes: CT[string], DATE[yyyy-mm-dd] and OpenClosed[OPEN,CLOSED]. I have combo chart (on X axis is Date {2016-6-12} day by day) with two values: Count( {< OpenClosed = {'CLOSED'} >}Distinct CT)and Count( {< OpenClosed = {'OPEN'} >}Distinct CT) for open and closed CTs. I need add line chart to this combo chart with count of Open CTs day by day. For example: 4th December 2200 CTs, 5th December 2310 CTs, 6th December 2250 CTs.....

      KPI TOTAL OPEN CT is value for last day (last reload) solved by Count( {< OpenClosed = {'OPEN'} >}Distinct CT). It is count of ALL open items in table. So I need view this value for each day in combo chart as line...




      Is it possible, or I must do some special table in Excel in this case? Thanks for your answers