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    Nprinting 17.2.1 Sending emails doesn't work

    Lauran van Hoek

      In my test environment virtual machine (Win Server 2012 R2 standard with Sense 3.0.4 & Nprinting 17.2.1 (NPrinting 17.2.2 installed. This didn't fix the problem) (Network settings: NAT)) I can't send emails to my QNP users. I tried to use the gmail SMTP server with TLS. But i get an error in the Nprinting scheduler log.


      The distribution of the report to the QS hub and QNP Newsstand both work.

      I use Google Chrome as the browser application.

      The QNP service account has RootAdmin, DeploymentAdmin and ContentAdmin rights.

      The QNP User has user access to QS.

      The virtual machine has access to the internet.


      Edit: I made a new gmail account to test this out. But it didn't work. I get the same warning. I cleaned up the log files and found a problem that i haven't seen before. I'll post them here. So there are some arguments that could not be parsed and a heartbeat warning. I'll attach the complete logfile.



      Some arguments could not be parsed.


      Qlik.NPrinting.Scheduler17.2.2.0Qlik.NPrinting.Scheduler.SchedulerCore20161229T101942.732+01:00WARNQLIKTEST_QNPQS00000000Engine e95852da-2eda-47fb-8e5c-c8c32f3e9ae4 has reached heartbeat timeout. Last recorded heartbeat: 12/29/2016 9:19:23 AM - Offline thresold: 00:00:15 ms

      Could someone help me. Thanks in advance.

      If more information is needed please leave a comment and i will try to add it to this post.


      Nprinting Scheduler log error

      ERRORQLIKTEST_QNPQSNprinting Task Identity00000000Failed to send e-mail for bucket eadf1e98-f84f-43fb-b2bc-868a484a68df.Failure sending mail.


      SMTP settings


      User settings

      This user has User & Newsstand user Roles



      Het bericht is bewerkt door: Lauran van Hoek Qlik NPrinting 17.2.2 is installed but didn't fix the problem.


      Het bericht is bewerkt door: Lauran van Hoek