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    timestamp set analysis expression for sum of sales

    Anil Konduri


      I need to calculate sum of sales for the last 2 hrs sales and yesterday same 2 hrs sales.

      example: if the today sales between 9:00 am - 11:am is 100, then yesterday same 9:00 am - 11: am 90

      the set analysis expressions I am using are

      Today last 2 hrs: Sum( $<timestamp={">=$(=max(timestamp))-2/24"}> Sales)

      same 2 hrs yesterday: should be between 26/24 - 24/24....

      Sum( $<timestamp={">=$(=max(timestamp))-26/24"}> Sales)

      Sum( $<timestamp={"<=$(=max(timestamp))-24/24"}> Sales)

      how do i use the above expressions in a single expression? or any other alternative?


      Thanks in Advance