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    Creating PDF reports - row formatting

      I am hoping there is a solution to my issue.......I am wanting to generate pdf reports from my QlikView application.  These reports are essentially rows of information that we use to manage hospital capacity in our services.......so just rows and rows of basic patient data.


      My question is : Is there a way to "autofit" row formatting so that if a row for example has 3 lines of text then the height of that row fits to 3 lines, if it has 7 lines of text then the height fits to 7 lines.  At the moment there is one standard setting for selecting the gap between each row.


      here is a screenshot of what happens - either a too larger gap......or a too smaller gap and we loose text!  I understand this may a QV restriction on functionality but any ideas of a work around would be appreciated.


      QV comm image2.jpgQV comm image.jpg

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          Marcus Sommer

          In general no - because it's a global setting for each object. Maybe there are table-extensions which cover this topic or which could be adjusted for it.


          One possibility to minimize the effects from this behaviour could be not to print the table which the user sees else another one (maybe on a hidden sheet) which is adjusted only for this printing and which might have less or different fields and/or other column-widths. Another approach would be to use several different tables each with a different setting to the number of rows and to calculate the needed max. value for them which then serve as visibility-condition for the object. Such an expression could be:


          ceil(max(aggr(len(Resources), Resources)) / 25)


          whereby the bold 25 is the number of chars which fit in a single row depending on the column-width and your font-type and font-size.


          - Marcus