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    What does this "Header" Authentication Type mean for QVWS Settings under SETUP TAB in QMC

    Sanchayan Bhowmik

      From Qlik Community it is defined as :


        • Header, meaning that an http header specified under Parameters is used:
          • Header Name

                               If a customized login system is used, the http header has to be specified, in order to configure the login process in the                          QlikView AccessPoint. To configure the header name, enter a value in this text box.


                                    Default value: QVUSER.

          • Prefix

                               To configure the prefix used for the header, enter a value in this text box.

                                    Default value: CUSTOM\

      What I got is that by default users defined in custom directory (CUSTOM\) is authenticated as mentioned in the Prefix. Though I didnt get the Header Name section or how the user logging in into Access Point is authenticated.