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    Help with displaying total sales qty

    Chris Hopkins


      I am trying to get a total of sales qty.

      Here is what i need...

      I am displaying all products that have been sold as 'Reduced to Clear', but i also want to display a column showing ALL sales (at reduced or normal price)

      There is a field called 'PriceOverride' which states 'yes' or 'no' if the product was sold reduced to clear or not. I have added a calculated dimension to only display PriceOverride=yes and to hide null values. but when i do that the total sales only show reduced sales.

      here are screenshots of what i have done

      error loading image

      Above shows 'hide null values' unticked but the sales quantity is correct. i.e. sales value =3, reduced sales QTY=1

      error loading image

      Above shows 'hide null values' ticked, so it only displays reduced to clear sales, but the sales value =1 when i want this to display total sales which is 3.

      the expession i am using for Total Sales is: sum( {$<LineType -= {V}, PriceOverride = {"*"}>} SalesQuantity )

      which i believe means sum sales quantity but deduct LineType V and include ALL PriceOverrides (yes and no).

      Can anyone help please?