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    Gourav Sikka

      Dear Team,



      I stuck a requirement.

      Supoose we have a sale data Only 3 dec 2016

      ID       Date              Site     Sale

      101      3-dec-2016          A       100

      102      3-dec-2016          A       200

      103      3-dec-2016          A       300

      104      3-dec-2016          A       400



      I loaded in qlikview And Store 3 dec data in qvd.... And delete excel file from source where sale data is kept.

      Then next day 4 dec 2016 new excel file is updated in data sorce.

      When i load in qlikview and save the data in qvd....and delete the execl from source.....



      But when i reach 5 dec 2016 then i updated the data of 3 dec 2016....above id 101 regading sale is coming 100..But it should be 1000...

      When i new excel file 3 dec 2016 is loaded again..then it show sum of sale regarding 101 means 1100..But it should be Only 1000.



      How is possible in qlikview..

      Kindly help me..