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    Plotting Time Data with Dates in Multiple Columns

    John Emery



      I am trying to plot a series of values over time in Qlik Sense Desktop. My data is arranged as follows:


      Account | Various Categories | Month1 | Month2 | Month 3 | ...

        1243                xxx                  0%         2%         5%      ...

        432                  xxx                  5%        3%          10%    ...


      and so on.


      What I would like is to have a separate line for each account over each month, so that the x-axis would be something like "Month 1, Month 2, Month 3, ..."


      In Excel this is no issue at all, but I am not sure how to accomplish this in Qlik, or if I need to rearrange my data.


      For clarity, I have 53 of these month fields, and over 58,000 accounts. I had considered transposing the data, but as it's stored in Excel I well pass the column limit of 16,384 columns.


      Thank you,