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    NPrinting Designer crashes when trying to generate reports

    francesco xodo

      Hello everybody,


      I have an issue with NPrinting Designer version 16 when trying to create reports.


      The greatest problem is when I try to generate Excel reports: most of the times, once I click on "new", NPrinting crashes and I must kill it with task manager (first attachment where you can see that the report editors can't be opened and the program is stuck). Sometimes the report editor is opened but doesn't allow me to drag and drop the objects on the spreadsheet. Some other times it crashes if I click on "toolbar" to display excel toolbar.


      The situation is slightly better if I try to generate a word report, but still something is wrong because the visualization is out of place and that makes the work almost impossible to do (second attachment).


      What I have tried is to unistall and reinstall NPrinting Designer several times, at first version 16 SR3, then version 16 SR5 (no installation issue, everything smooth). I tried with both Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013 but still no result (both licensed, smoothly working). My PC has Windows 10 installed and is 64 bit (on this regard I ask you why on default Nprinting is installed as a 32 bit program?).


      Any help would be much appreciated since I've run out of ideas.


      Thank you very much.