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    Using Set Analysis in Table Filters Dimension

    Jay Fitchett

      Hi folks,

      I'm having an issue with getting my data to display properly in a table. I'm using the most recent version of Qlik Sense.


      This image shows two tables, the one on the left contains dimensions showing my raw data, and the one on the right contains my Month-Year dimension with a measure that contains the expression SUM({<Data_Log.Has_Value={'Y'}>}Data_Log.Row_Count). I want to show in a table the total number "Y" values for each month-year.


      For some reason, when I apply this measure to the table on the right, it filters out month-year values that don't have any "Y" values. I feel like I should see April 2005 in the table on the right with a zero value, no?. I clearly have entries for April 2005 in my data model, but it's not present in the table on the right? Why? The dimension in the right table has no limitations.




      When I filter on April 2005, this is the result I get:



      I'm confused. Any help would be appreciated!!