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    Financial Modeling for Qlik Sense?

    Garrett Tedeman

      Hi all,


      Not sure if this is the best or preferred way to post, as someone new to Qlik and very interested in learning more about Qlik Sense, so going to give it a try --  Are there any guidelines for developing financial models on Qlik's associative framework?  Especially with Sense, it would seem that some really great solutions can be developed for typical issues specifically faced by corporate finance, such as:


      • FP&A - For financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, projections, etc.  ...Here, I've started to find some interesting resources on the Qlik Community sites, but many have been related to QlikView.  Any Sense preferred references?

      • Business Valuation - Arguably, the most important details of any business are in their business model and/or business valuation, which can determine potential funding sources & cost-of-capital, among other concerns.  ...I think I've learned enough about how to load data that I can (maybe) develop a valuation model, either based on cashflow or income projections, but are there any templates or guides out there, especially for Sense?

      • Financial Modeling (General) - Several days ago, the "ModelOff" competitions took place (http://www.ModelOff.com), in which many data professionals used Excel to develop advanced models for valuations, M&A, LBO's, IPO's and other such purposes.  ...these are all in such demand, for discovery, as well as other key analytical processes.  Any info related to QlikView or Qlik Sense is out or links/references to bookmark?


      Sorry if these have been posted by others, and maybe I just haven't yet found some of best places to check (sure seems like there's so much out there in the community!)  But, since these are particular areas of interest, wanted to start by asking.  Thanks.