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    Get value of "cell" in pivot table


      Hi. I have a pivot table that looks something like this:

      Date Value Turnover
      2009-10 100000 2,2
      2009-11 150000 2,5
      2009-12 120000 2,8

      but with additional columns (just picked random values here btw). Anyway, The Datefield here (year-month) is derived from another datefield which is in the YYMMDD-format. I would like to know how the logic works here because I'm a little confused... What I want to do is to in a Set-expression get the first and last date from the YYMMDD-field in the year-month specified on each row (in the field in the above table). So for example I would in an additional column on the 2009-10 row, get the "Values" for 20091001 and 20091030, add them and divide by two. How can I accomplish this in an expression in my table for each month on each row?

      Thanks in advance!