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    nprint - create excel chart based on table

    Lorna Louw

      hi guys


      I have an Nprinting Excel report.


      the requirement is that I build a chart (combochart) that dynamically builds off of this Excel spreadsheet.


      Now I'm lost here. Normally, in excel, you would go mark your data,...insert...and then base your chart on the data.


      now, all I have in my Nprint Excel file is this...




      so..when I insert - chart..and I run the report, it only picks up the first MonthYear value - I suppose it is because

      excel doesnt 'know' at execution time what possible there values there are going to be once the report is run.


      I have considered creating a separate excel report that just builds this table..and then another report that 'reads' it to build the

      chart...how would I do this?


      Any ideas please


      thank you