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    Filter Pane: How to apply to every column on a table?

    patrico mesri

      Hi community experts. I'll appreaciate your help to solve something for me.

      I have a Filter Pane and a Table on my sheet.


      "Deuda Clientes" is my filter pane.

      I need it to ONLY and ONLY apply to an specific column on the table.

      Not sure if it is important but that specific column has this expression:

      "sum(aggr(if(TODAY(2)>(BLDAT+ZBD1T), Sum({<"SHKZG"={S},"ZLSCH"-={"J"}>} DMBTR)

      -Sum({<"SHKZG"={H},"ZLSCH"-={"J"}>} DMBTR)), BUKRS, KUNNR, NAME1, XBLNR))"

      Thank you in advance.