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    Combo chart multiple date dimensions



      Does anyone know a simple solution to fit two different line measures with different date dimensions from each other into one graph? I am trying to visualize the cumulative returns (daily for midweek data) with the corresponding Model score (+/- weekly) for a stock.


      I thought a simple combo chart will do the work, but because both measures use different dimensions (frequent vs less frequent dates) only either one will be shown correctly. My solution is to reload the less frequent measure (Model score) for the dates for which no model score is available. In this way there would be the same amount of data available for both measures and hopefully this will result in the graph I am looking for.


      As this is a brand new territory for me, could someone please help me creating this script if this indeed seems the correct solution?


      Thank you for your time.




      Summary: Combo chart only supports one dimension for multiple measures. How to fit two different line measures with two different date dimensions into one graph? Dimensions are called "Dates" (daily for midweek data) for returns and "DatesCockpit" (+/- weekly) for Model scores.