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    Problem setting QV license

    Philippe Grenier

      Hello everyone,


      Hopefully someone will be able to help me.


      We are setting up a server in order to test NPrinting, and for this, we have obtained a temporary QV license good until the end of the month.


      At first, we configured the QV license under the installer's user, but then realized that it had to be installed under the NPrinting Service's user for the Engine to start.


      I uninstalled QlikView, deleted all QlikView directories under the c:\ drive, eliminated all LEF references under the users AppData folders, erased manually all references to QlikView in the registry, rebooted the server, then reinstalled QV under the NPrinting Service account.


      An now, this is what I get:



      If I paste the LEF file content here, I get the following message:

      The license key specified in the License Enabler File does not match your license key.


      If I click on the Contact License Enabler Service button, it fails as so



      Any ideas?