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    Test Tube Gauge Not Working As Expected

    Perry Newman



      I'm trying to create a Test Tube gauge (screenshots follow) where the Gauge settings are 0 (min) to 180 (max).  This is in dollars.  My expression returns the correct amount, but the entire test tube shades as green as it it's full and it should not be colored in after $106MM.  That's one problem.  :-)  Here's the expression I'm using, which is also used in the Text in Chart box (2nd item), but some formatting:  =Sum(RangeMax([Finance Confirmed 2016 Savings], 0))


      Second challenge.  Is there a way to insert, for example, a red line at where the goal would be?  In the case the goal is $101MM.  I know I can manually do it with a text box, but I was wondering if there was a more elegant way.


      Last challenge.  I have three more values I need to overlay on top of this gauge for an overall total.  I'm assuming I can do that.  I need to add a In Opportunities In Validation total amount, Opportunities With High Confidence and Opportunities With Med or Low Confidence.  I've attached a screenshot of what I'm looking for as an end result.


      As always, thanks in advance.  Attachment follows.  Each page is labeled as to what it is where needed.