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    Loading a series of unusual files


      I have an unusual series of files (see attached for an example). They are normal tsv or csv files and contain several hundred columns. These all have column titles (and in the example there are 256 columns)

      When each file ( [View:http://community.qlik.com/cfs-file.ashx/__key/CommunityServer.Discussions.Components.Files/674/3312.Example.zip:550:0] ) is created there are up to a hundred additional columns added to each row - but these columns have no field title. When I have tried to import the data using the table file wizard it will only load the titled columns. However, it's the untitled columns that are of interest for the analysis required.

      I thought that Cross table with 256 qualifying fields would 'do' it but QV doesn't seem to see these columns at all.

      Is there a way that such data can be loaded.