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    Sum between first date and max selection date

    Vegard Rafteseth

      Hi there.


      I'm quite new to Qlik, and I've tried to search for the answer, but with no success.

      I was hoping you could help me out on this scenario.


      I'm working on an app for inventory balances, which pretty much means I have to sum everything from first date to "max of selection date" if you know what I mean.


      I'm creating a line chart, but all that does at the moment is summing the transactions within the date selections I make. That's obvious and I get that. But how would I go about accumulating the values of the selections I make?

      The goal is a line chart showing the inventory balance by year, month and day (as a drilldown).


      I have a MasterCalendar, and I made a field min(Date) as FirstDate resident MasterCalendar.

      I was thinking the only way I'd be able to do this is through setting a daterange from FirstDate to.. max selected date, but I'm struggling.


      I've been trying various approaches, but could you please advise?

      This just sums the selection range.

      =sum({$ <Date={">=$(=FirstDate)<=$(max(Date))"}>}Amount)


      =sum({$ <Date={">=$(=FirstDate)<=$(=LastDate)"}>}Amount)


      =sum({$ <Date={">=1(=FirstDate)<=$(=LastDate)"}>}Amount)



      I'm new, please bear with me


      Kind regards,