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    How to publish multiple dashboards (Apps) on a single websites... Please Help...

    Sharath Kumar A




      I have created two dashboards (i.e Internal and External) created on two streams and published seperatly.

      There are two set of user groups one is Internal and one more is External.

      Right now;

      Internal user can access only Internal dashboard via http://ABC/dashboard/internal/


      External user can access only External dashboard via http://ABC/dashboard/External/ 

      Its working fine.



      Now my requirement is:

      I want a common URL for both internal and External users as follows;

      http://XXX/dashboard/mydashboard/     (I.e. Common for both Internal and External)



      Depends on user type who login, respective dashboard should be loaded. i.e

      If Internal user login; then Internal dashboard should load by default

      and If External user login; then External dashboard should load by default





      Please Help....



      Thanks in advance..........