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    Automatic Recipient from a SQL View

    Simon Willmott



      I'm a bit of a newbie at this, and this has probably been answered before, I just can't find anything close.


      I am loading a SQL view into Qlik which looks like the following:

      Fred SmithFredSmith@sales.comRGS & Sons34000
      Fred SmithFredSmith@sales.comSmile Ltd25000
      Fred SmithFredSmith@sales.comGreeves Ltd67000
      John BrownJohnBrown@sales.comWrights of Slough100
      John BrownJohnBrown@sales.comJims or Ipswich56000
      John BrownJohnBrown@sales.comBlueway100000


      What I would like to do is Email a single report to each ASM on a monthly basis showing all of his active accounts and the associated Spend. - a simple two column spreadsheet. How do I take the ASMEmail from the data and create it as a recipient?