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    Disappearing Conditional Expressions in straight table...

    Siobhan Crossen



      I have been working on an 'ad hoc' report builder in Qlikview.  It is a straight table with 17 different Conditional Expressions which are switched on and off using a list box based on an inline table.  When I have more than 6 options selected from the listbox, the conditional columns in my straight table all disappear.  I have already set my user preferences for 'Max Values in Current Selection Box' to 99 so I know this isn't the problem


      This is the format criteria I am using for each conditional expression - REPORT_CRITERIA_E_DESC stays the same for all with the field value changing for each of the 17 options


      index(GetFieldSelections(REPORT_CRITERIA_E_DESC),'Regulation Exceptions')>0


      Any help would be very much appreciated!


      Thank you