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    Guido Caffa

      Hi all, i have this situation


      1 colum expresion:



      2 colum expresion:

      Count( distinct codcli)

      3 colum expresion:

      (Count( distinct codcli)/

      COUNT({1} DISTINCT ALL codcli))*100


      anoVtaCab is a year like 2016 - 2015 - 2014...

      DesNivArt1 is the company that provide me the items I sale... in 2 i know how many clients buy an item of the company... in the 3 colum i know the percent of customers that purchase an item of the company, compare to the total customers i have (all customers)... now i want to know the percent of clients compare to the customers who bought me in the selected year. For example


           total clients of "DesNivArt=01"

      -----------------------------------------------------  X 100

      total clients i sale in a year selected