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    TPT Connector with Teradata

    Robert Fishel

      Hello my QlikView friends.  I am wanting to know about the TPT connector mentioned here:  https://help.qlik.com/en-US/connectors/Subsystems/Teradata_QV_Connector_help/Content/1.0/Introduction/Install-Teradata-c…


      Does this make any real difference when loading data from Teradata?  Right now I am running the "free" version of QlikView, but it is my understanding that in order to use the TPT connector, I have to have a fully licensed version.  I can already successfully load data from Teradata into QlikView, but I want to know if it is really going to be worth me going to the trouble of getting a full version of the product and having the connector installed.  Do any of you have any experience on this topic?  Thanks.