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    Relative Values in Bar Chart

    Lokesh Patel

      Hi Guys,


      How can I show relative values against primary dimension in the Qlik Sense Bar Chart ?


      About the Data


      I have a very simple data set as shown below. I have also attached spreadsheet with this sample data.




      I am using Rep & Product as Dimensions and =Num(sum(SaleAmount) / sum(TOTAL SalAmount),'0.0%') as measure.


      But I get the following Chart.



      What I am trying to achieve?


      I want to see every bar at 100% Level so I can compare relative share against each sales rep.


      Right now when I filter data at a single Sales Rep level then I get the desire bar chart but it will only show one rep because I have applied filter.

      I would like the below bar for all the reps.

      100 percent.PNG

      Thank you in advance