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    NPrinting 17.2.1 error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

    Michael Rieskamp

      Hi all,



      NPrinting V.17.2.1,  QlivView 11.20 SR15

      The reload of the connection “Testverbindung_OnDemand” has the following result (generated):



      Now we have inserted the variable “Column_2” in the underlying QVW (“Test_NPrint.qvw”):




      After saving of the qvw we try to reload the metadata with the following result:



      Now we remove the Variable Column_2 from the QVW and save:



      After that we reloaded the metadata again with the following result:



      So the question is What went wrong? and  Which objects/variable etc. are not supported/allowed by NPrinting?.

      In my opinion these objects should be (at least)  ignored and they haven’t led to an error!


      Best Regards