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    List Boxes - different behaviour

      I have a list box which I display in 2 different sheets - and although the list box objects have different ID's LB01 and LB02

      when I change behaviour of the list box in one sheet it automatically changes in the other


      what I want is the list boxes to behave independently of each other

      On one sheet I want the List box to only allow one selection to be picked at any time -

      and on the other sheet I want to be able to pick 2 or 3 selections


      anyone run into this before??



        • List Boxes - different behaviour
          John Witherspoon

          When you say "always one selected value" you're setting that behavior for the entire document, not just for one list box. That's intended. You aren't supposed to be able to sneak around the restriction by just creating another list box, particularly since even users can create list boxes.

          I'm not sure exactly how I'd handle it, but I'm thinking I'd execute a macro when the field was selected. The macro would check which sheet you were on, and if you were on the sheet where you wanted to force always one selected value, it would handle it in some way, such as only taking the first selected value if more than one was selected, and selecting the first value on the list if nothing is selected. Something along those lines. The details are a little sketchy in my mind.