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    How To compare two values in Qlikview


      Hi All,

      I am very new to Qlikview. Currently i am trying to Automate a task which we do daily in our project.

      Following i have explained what i want to do:

      1) I have imported some data in the Qlikview.I have attached the .qvw file(Test1.qvw)

      2) Lets say there is one main Qlikview file (Test2.qvz) .

      Now, I want to compare the values.

      ex: For Mediation_Count i want to compare the value 115 from Test1.qvw to 115 value in Test2.qvw. And finally display which value is equal and which is not equal.

      Same way i want to do it for all the values.

      Can you please help me with this?

      Also how can i read all the values from a Qlikview file and Display them???