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    display data for weekly based on date in qliksense

    Supriya R




      i have a data like shown below, it contains all dates from when application started to till date and its respective datas.


      Now i need to put a line graph with Dimension - Date(Monday to Sunday), UserType .   Measure - Pageviews. But data display should be weekly from Monday to Sunday.


      i.e for example : 05/12/2016 - 11/12/2016 ,for New visitor it should display sum of Pageviews and for Returning Visitor it should display sum of Pageviews.





               DateUserType        Pageviews
      16-12-2015New Visitor77
      16-12-2015Returning Visitor36
      17-12-2015New Visitor72
      17-12-2015Returning Visitor16
      18-12-2015New Visitor82
      18-12-2015Returning Visitor11
      19-12-2015New Visitor113
      19-12-2015Returning Visitor39
      20-12-2015New Visitor19
      20-12-2015Returning Visitor16
      21-12-2015New Visitor41
      21-12-2015Returning Visitor27
      22-12-2015New Visitor60



      Any kind of help is appreciated on this