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    Qliksense custom authentification

    Krisjanis Berzs



      I tried to google for this solution and couldn't find any tutorial.

      QlikSense hub is accessible through few links, eg.:







      for http://userdirectory when our employees try to access hub (windows), then they enter only their username and pw and they get in.

      When our employees connect to hub through https://qlik.companyname.com and using MAC then they have to enter

      domain (which is user directory)\user

      How I can change, that they do not have to type domain (which is user directory)?

      Because it's hard to remember userdirectory (it contains random names) or if it is not possible to remove domain, then how can I change to easier word?

      eg. qlik\user?

      I guess it has something to do with virtual proxies, but I have no idea how to do it.