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    QlikView-app to reflect the nr. of assigned licenses

    Friedrich Hofmann

      My question is very easy: Does it take a while until that pgo_file on the QlikView_server reflecting the assignation of licenses is updated?

      The thing is, I checked yesterday and saw in the QMC that I had 25 of 30 document_CALs assigned, 5 free. So I freed up some more, in some cases the apps didn't exist anymore -> then I used some dummy_app, renamed it and removed the licence.

      Thus, I now have 20 of 30 Document_CALs assigned, 10 free. The QMC shows me that correct number, but that app I have still shows 25 assigned.

      The app is from somewhere here in the Community, it has the logo "K3FDS" on top and it has that mile-long Hex64 conversion code in the script ... It loads a file labeled "CalData.pgo.xml"

      Now I'm unsure why that app does not show me the updated data (after reloading of course) when the QMC does ...

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,