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    Event viewer warning OpenFileOrURL

    Faizoel Kasiemkhan

      The following is happening at a client of mine:

      After an upgrade from QV11.0SR2 to 12.0SR5. The following warning appears in the Windows Event viewer when someone opens a dashboard (qvw file) from the accesspoint. Direct links also give the same warning.


      System: OpenFileOrURL: An exception (badPath) occurred during open of D:\QLIKVIEW\LIVE\DOCUMENTS\xxxxx\

      where xxx is the folder where the qvw file that is opened in the accesspoint is.


      This is happening on 5 servers (non-clustered) 2 of them are test machines. When opening any dashboard. In the QVW file I cant find the capitalized folder name. It is also not capitalized in the AccessPoint, or in the management console (folder configuration).


      Can anyone tell me what this warning means and how I can get rid of it?


      PS. Today I upgraded on of the test servers to 12.1SR1, but these warnings still appear.


      Edit: All dashboards to open without any error message for the end users. They can also do everything as expected. So this is just about the warning in the Windows Event viewer.