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    Can Recurrsion be handled

      I'm brand new to QlikView so I don't know if what I want to do is possible.


      Assume we have three tables of input with the following information in each:


      Unique Lots Production Information Usage Information

      Production_lot Production_lot Production_lot

      (Other production data) Usage_lot

      (Other usage data)


      Further assume that each of these tables is set up as a Table Box.



      If someone selects Production_lot from the Unique Lots table, the two other tables automatically display the information associated with that Production Lot number… as I would expect.


      However, assume a person wants to further investigate the Usage Lots (lots used to create the original Production Lot).


      They would like to be able to select the Usage Lots within the Usage Information table and have them automatically "become" the new values selected for the Unique Lots table.



      Is there some method that can be used to accomplish this?


      Of course they can clear the Unique Lots table and then select those numbers in the Unique Lot table, but this is very cumbersome, especially if there are a large number of lots and they're not contiguously numbered.



      Any ideas on how to address this?