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    Daily load in a .QVD file

    Twan Peters

      I can use some help on the below situation


      Everyday a zipfile with 5 .csv files is placed on a FTP server.


      The zipfile name has each day a new datestamp:

      Name – date1.zip

      Name – date2.zip



      The .csv files have every day the exact same name + format.

      I want to automate this process in such a way that:


      • The new zip file is downloaded every day (old zipfiles are not removed from the FTP server)
      • Extract the zip file
      • Import/add the data from the .csv files in a .QVD (what is better for the performance, adding the data to the existing .QVD or create a new .QVD for each .csv file)
      • Delete the .csv files and place the zipfile in an archive folder

      I'm new to Qlikview and i don't think that i'm asking something new, but i can't find a smiliar topic where i can learn how to script this