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    Need some advice regarding accumulated values



      I'm working on a module that loads data from a table with 5+ million rows consisting of transaction history. Some of these transactions with a certain type should be accumulated which I'm doing buy a seperate datefield (AsOf-date that is created from the Date-field in my transactiontable) which is the only way possible because I want to be able to select certain date ranges in my accumulated values. But the problem I'm having is that some of these transaction should NOT be connected to the AsOf-dates but read with the original date in the table file. I then want to use both the accumulated values and the non accumulated values in the same charts (like pivot for instance) in QV as expressions. I need some advice how to do this? Has someone worked with a similar module? Should I load the transaction table twice using different names for the datefields or what do you suggest? I've tried this but i get loops and everything is chaos :)

      Thankful for some help!