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    Hide data elements based on Section Access

    Brian Yordnoff

      My QlikView 11.2 app pulls invoice data from a single table. Some columns might be



      Product Line



      Invoice Date

      Sales Amount

      Cost Amount

      Margin Percent


      So a line might look like:

      Baltimore | 1100 | Acme | Widget | 2016-12-01 | 110.50 | 60.00 | 0.457


      We currently have section access mapping certain users to certain locations, and this work well.


      We have an additional requirement now to restrict certain users from seeing the Cost and Margin values on any/all data they have access to. I'd rather not build this into the tables and other QlikView objects if I can help it. Is there a way to "zero out" these columns in the extract file for certain users based on section access? If not, what's the best overall approach?


      Thank you.