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    Section Access & Application Access

    Court van de Lisdonk


      Sometime ago I placed a question about Section Access and Application Access because:

      I had only a little experience with Section Access and an excelfile. And experience with ‘normal’ users and passwords, allowed to see a sheet or not.   

      I have little or no knowledge and experience with those two in combination with a QVD.

      Some help from other users and documentation did help a little. In all the documentation I read about Section Access and Application Access the tables used in examples, are loaded INLINE.

      And I have to use a QVD to load the rights and permissions, in the past I had a simple Excelfile extracted from a QVD, made by myself but that is not allowed anymore.

      The security rules are changed: Users have become NT-Users, no Markers anymore etc. etc. I have made a word document Access Controle with access rules and conditions.


      So for some tests I have made a document Allowance_01 where I load SECTION ACCESS and SECTION Application as comment;  a second document Allowance_02 with a normal load of SECTION ACCESS and SECTION Application. Loading give no problems and my tables are filled correct (I think). So I build it into the Sales Invoice Document to test. 


      Testing with different users didn't have the wished results. Some users have restricted conditions on SalesDistrict and/or Customer, but they could see all the data. So I opened the document setting and changed the opening settings: Initial Data Reduction Based on Section Access.


      After saving (different name), closing and starting Qlikview, I had no access at all (Qadmin included). Then opening the old document (without the setting) I had no problem to access the document.

      Question 01: Are my Section Access and Application Access correct or what should be changed

      Question 02: what is the cause that no logon is possible after changing the opening and security options 

      So I hope I can get some help with my problems / questions. I know for many people Section Access and Application Access is peanuts/easy. Not for me, it’s a struggle again and again.

      I will upload the two Qlikview-documents and the word document, when a password is asked just Qadmin

      // QADMIN_Access:
      LOAD * INLINE [


      Thanks in regard



        • Re: Section Access & Application Access
          Marcus Sommer

          I'm not sure if I understand all your problems right but I noticed some points:


          1. You need to replace USERNAME and PASSWORD with NTNAME then if you used the NT user you didn't need to handle the user-authentication anymore.


          2. By loading the section access data from a qvd you need to enforce a processing of the load maybe by a where-clause like: where 1=1 then by an optimized load no processing happens.


          3. You need mandatory to enable strict exclusion and data reduction to apply security otherwise it would be just a kind of usability.


          4. Before going further make again some Backup's.


          - Marcus