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    Qliksense Qvd Details

      Hi Guys ,


      In Qliksense,

      1.if anyone wants to see which user is using which QVD can we check ?

      2.If I am refreshing my QVD and user is using my QVD to Develop App can his App can be refreshed automatically even if it is not scheduled


      Kindly help me out .


      Thanks in Advance

        • Re: Qliksense Qvd Details
          Shahbaz Khan Mohammed

          Not exactly.

          But you can check the Log Files each time someone does a reload on qvf/qvw.

          In Log file you can see the NT NAME of the user who refreshed it & also Time Stamp will be available.

          This is not just limited to one QVD. If you have 1 QVD loaded then it will show for 1. If more than 1 is loaded then it will generate full load script log.


          Location for Log Folder on Sense Desktop: C:\Qlik\Sense\Log folder ( if you've installed sense in C Drive.)

          For Server: C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Log\Script


          And I'm not sure about 2nd question.